About Us

Wainwright Constructions has been trading as a licensed building company since 1987. In the first three years, the business was based in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, specialising in renovations of Victorian-style dwellings.


Paul Wainwright, owner of Wainwright Constructions, has a background in shop-fitting. In 1990, he and his family moved to the Mornington Peninsula to concentrate on his passion for building energy efficient homes.


Paul was very lucky to work alongside the brilliant architect John Baird. John owned Fairweather Homes, a design and build company that specialises in energy efficient kit homes. John's design principals were well before his time – legislation now makes many of his concepts mandatory. One of the key design principles in use is passive heating, a simple process of orientating the building to the north to catch the winter sun. Carefully designed verandas and pergolas minimise the impact of the hot summer sun. Also with a passion for the environment, renewable and plantation timbers are widely used maximising bulk insulation and stopping any heat loss.


For close to 20 years, Paul Wainwright and his team have built many homes on the Mornington Peninsula, for Fairweather Homes and a range of other architects and clients. Paul designed and built a home in Sorrento – the kind of work he would love to do more of.


Renovations are something we have a passion for, incorporating energy efficient philosophies to combine the new with the old with the minimum of impact on the environment. We work with architects and designers to create the best solution possible for your renovation.


If you desire, your renovation can include an energy efficient upgrade of your home. We identify areas where improvements can be made that will save you money over time and decrease your impact on the environment.


Wainwright Constructions has travelled far and wide, building homes from Timor to French Island. So, although the business is based on the Mornington Peninsula, if practical we are more than willing to travel to the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne or beyond.


We can provide all the trades with all the required insurances and compliances to complete the job and then clean up after ourselves. Service and quality is our guarantee.

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